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´╗┐Forget Your Fears and Start Improving Your Self-Confidence


How stupid of us to think that each day must be a perfect day. That we must be flawless. That we should work out our lives seeing single day with nothing to be sorry about. Who ever planted that dumb idea anyway?

People often talk rubbish. Whatever motivates them surely had some fine reasons to make them believe that perfection would answer it all.

It is of course good to be perfect. There's no harm if you can achieve that but the thing is, can anyone truly achieve it? You are risking too much when you do. We are not saying that you should leave the idea of perfection and be all the way imperfect and leave your life distant from the main road.

When your idea of perfection limits you to doing what you are supposed to do, this is no longer becoming helpful. You are sure to be on your way to frustration.

It is good to fall flat on your face sometimes. Jump and fall, jump and fall. There is nothing wrong with that. This may have been an abused line yet we still can find value in it- "we learn from mistakes". And indeed, we really learn from our mistakes.

It may be an awful thought to watch yourself leap and fall. But this is the only way from which we can learn and will make us get over our fear of failing.

Failures are cruel but fearing your failures is stupid. Failing is inevitable, it is a part of our daily existence. Even the best people fall sometimes. And even the most brilliant and most beautiful people are laughed at with their ideas and their actions.

Improving your self-confidence is nothing different. You have to accept failures for you to know where your pitfalls are.

In war, a soldier hides because he still has hope that he would escape the gruesome end of his present state. But he is a soldier. He has to swing his rifle and be ready to kill or to be killed. There is only one reality that he cans accept- that he is already dead. Unless he takes that mental state, he would continue to hide in ditches and stay away from the bullets. But once he accepts that reality, he would start functioning as a soldier should function. He has to accept the risks of failing and be hopeful that by doing so, he has achieved greatness.

In improving your self-confidence, you have to take the risks first. That is- you either fail or achieve some great things. Failure will always knock at your door. But remember that the mere decision to stand and improve yourself and your self-confidence has already made you a victor.

In you're way to improving your self-confidence, you need not be fearful. Take stock of yourself and leave your negative thoughts behind. You may not be confident of yourself but your vision will motivate you to believing in the brighter sides of things.

The bottom line is, before we can truly start improving ourselves, we need to forget the things that we are fearful about, especially the fear of failure itself. Once you have removed these hurdles, then you can start revamping yourself with confidence-boosting thoughts and activities.

In the end, improvements lie on clear grounds. Set your mind at ease, free from negative thoughts. Free from thoughts that would only aggravate your condition.

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