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10 Ways to Build Self Confidence and Create Friends


People who struggle with the lack of self-confidence often struggle with making friends. This is because they are too afraid on criticism or simply do not have enough will to initiate conversation. Of course there are other reasons why people who lack self-confidence also lack friends. And reasons may vary from person to person. If you are one of them, here are the important tips you should follow:

1. Be positive. People do not want to befriend negative people. It just would not work. So in order for you to create friends, you must learn how to think positively. Avoid concentrating your attention on your deficiencies. Instead, try to focus on the things you have achieved, even the small ones. Also, people will look at you as interesting person and fun to be with if you are positive.

2. Praise yourself for each job well done. You need to recognize your personal accomplishments, be it big or small. This will help you build your self-confidence and boost your desire in making future tasks work. Also, reward yourself for the things you have done.

3. Remove your self-conscious. The biggest enemy of individuals who want to build their self-confidence is self-conscious. So, make sure you prevent yourself from entertaining thoughts that you are conscious. You do this by diverting your attention from anxiety and fear. Keep your head high if you are among the crowd. All humans are created equal so you don't have to be ashamed of who you are.

4. Be yourself. You might have heard this a million times but still you do not seem to know the whole point. Do not think you are a human being that belongs to the lower class. Do what you do best and be yourself.

5. Do not seek perfection. Nobody is perfect so do not try so hard to become one. If you commit mistake and people criticize you, shake it off and don't take it as the end of the world. Just think that once in a while, you can fall. Everybody does. It is normal to commit mistakes. Make a difference by standing up every time you fall.

6. Consider yourself beautiful. Beauty is subjective so even if you are not within the world's standard of "beautiful", face the mirror, smile and tell yourself you are a beautiful person. Say good things about yourself in front of the mirror, it will help you a lot.

7. Take responsibility. Building your self-confidence would not come easy. You need to work on it. And one of the things you should do is to take responsibility. It does not have to be big. Start small and work your way up.

8. Set realistic goals. Notice that once you achieve your set goal, you build enough confidence that on the next task you take, you will again achieve it.

9. Take care of yourself. Self-confidence starts if you feel good about yourself. To do that, you need to eat properly, take enough rest, and exercise regularly. Changes that are brought by these things will make you look good from the outside and make you feel great on the inside.

10. Avoid stressful environment. Do task early to avoid pile up. Take tasks one at a time. Stress will lead to lack of self-confidence so make sure you know how to manage your time doing the all day's work.

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