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´╗┐How to Build Self Confidence in Leaders


It is said that leaders are not born; they are made. And one characteristic that needs to be present on every leader is self-confident. Of course, self-confidence is not inherent on everyone. (The same reason why only few people can handle a group and lead; and the rest will remain their followers.) Self-confidence is gained through experience and processes that would build up the person's confidence.

So what are those processes? What are the things that would make a leader a successful one? How to build self-confidence in leaders?

Before answering these questions, it must be understood that leaders with self-confidence aim for success. Since leaders are heads of the pack, they are responsible in keeping the group together and focused in achieving the common goal. Leaders should posses the necessary characteristics in order to be good and successful ones.

Now, how to build self-confidence in leaders, you ask? To be direct about it, building self-confidence in leaders is not an overnight job. It is a continuous process that needs to be tested and polished several times over until you reach perfection.

The following are ways on how to build self-confidence in leaders:

Proper training - Since leaders are just ordinary individuals who have different qualities, proper leadership training is essential. And with right training goes the confidence that leaders are properly equipped with the skills important in taking the success of their groups. Proper training must be present so that the leader has the right tool he needs.

Give trust - To build leaders with self-confidence, you should show that they can be trusted. Showing them that you are confident of their leadership qualities will surely improve their self-confidence.

Building values - Ethics is important in any leadership not only because it is the proper way to do but also it builds confidence to the leaders. Why? Because leaders with values appropriate to the task will certainly gain respect among members. And once a leader get respected, his self-confidence rises.

Improving communication - Communication is the connection between the leader and the rest of the group. If the leader knows how to communicate properly and how to connect to his members, then confidence will follow easily. Remember: self-confidence is hard to find on individuals who cannot express what they think.

Right exposure - Self-confidence improves trough proper tests and procedures. The leader with the right exposure will become more confident on what he does. This is exactly the opposite when people are not experienced. You say practice makes perfect. It is not completely correct because practice that is not on the right place is useless. What you need is the right venue for practice to become effective. And this is the best way to improve self-confidence in leaders.

And awareness on social responsibility - Good leaders will never have enough confidence to execute things if they are not aware of their social responsibilities. They will be like blindfolded men guiding blind members unmindful on what they would hit along the way. Awareness on social responsibility will take the blindfold off and will keep leaders on track onto what they should do. This would result to self-confidence.

All these are important and must be present in all leaders so that they can lead their team in a common goal, respected on their decisions, and of course, build their self-confidence.

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